T.A.L.L., or Tectonic Space Little League, is a collaborative effort between the Nate Tatum Community Center and Tectonic Space Art Gallery. The youth art club combines drawing instruction, behind the scenes gallery insight, field trips, and guest artist instruction for ages 8-13 years old. The club serves the Barclay community.

Sessions will take every Wednesday from 4pm-5:30pm. Field Trips will take place on Saturdays. Sessions will take place in either the Nate Tatum Community Center office building or Tectonic Space:

Tectonic Space Art Gallery | 2000 Greenmount Ave | Baltimore, MD 21218 | Thursday- Saturday 11-6, Sunday 11-4

Nate Tatum Community Center Office | 2026 Greenmount Ave | Baltimore, MD 21218 | 9-5


Each standard session will begin at 4pm with a short meditation, then move in to 45 minutes of instructional drawing. The final 45 minutes is spent with quiet reading, sharing, or free drawing.

Guest Artists

Tectonic Space works with dozens of Baltimore artist. One of the exciting opportunities Tectonic Space can provide is connecting contemporary artists with young artists to share their knowledge and different techniques.

Field Trips

T.A.L.L. will provide field trip opportunities on select Saturdays each month. While not every trip will be an art museum, club members must bring their sketchbooks with them. T.A,L.L. members will be expected to draw on site after touring. Permission forms are required.

How to Sign Up

Registration is required to join T.A.L.L.

To register, please fill out the form below:


Barclay Community Youth Art Club
  • We provide snack and at times will be outside.
  • Please provide any additional information for our records.


T.A.L.L. is free and all materials will be provided. A special thanks to our sponsor, BLICK art supplies.