Who we are:

Tectonic Space is a new art gallery in the Barclay neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. Tectonic Space is a gallery focused on illustrative, graphic, comic, and sci-fi/fantasy artwork, presenting this work in monthly rotated art shows.

Origin Story:

Baltimore is a city full of artists. With a flourishing art scene, three Arts and Entertainment Districts, and Artscape, the nation’s largest free arts festival, creativity abounds. Not all artistic mediums, however, are readily represented in Baltimore City galleries. After visiting other cities in the US and abroad, as well as talking to artists at local conventions, it became apparent that many artists show outside of Baltimore, finding patrons and venues elsewhere. This showed a clear need to have an art gallery dedicated to showing illustrative, graphic, comic, and sci-fi/fantasy art.

Where we are:

I think


How to talk to us:

Have other questions or would like to volunteer? Feel free to email us at info@tectonicspace.com or call (443) 601-9765.

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