Comic Creator Talk


Comic Creators Talk

Saturday August 25 | 5pm

Hear the stories behind “The Comics Process” in an intimate artist talk from Bmore Into Comics.

“The Comics Process” details the work and talent that goes into the making of comics, featuring concept art, scripts, doodles, and finished comic pages by the members of Bmore Into Comics, a Baltimore collective of comic book creators. Featuring work by:

Nechama Frier, Anna Sellheim, Jonathan Eaton, Jordan Clark, Michael Lee Harris, Melody Often, Shouri, Monica Gallagher, John Bintz, Icky H. with Smooth, DJ Tony Drake, Braeonart, Gordon Harris, Parker Hicks, Cait May, Jabari Weathers, and Chelsea Demitras.

Founded in 2013 by illustrator Monica Gallagher, Bmore Into Comics hosts regular events around Baltimore City and County featuring vendors and insightful panel discussions. The collective aims to not only highlight Baltimore creatives but connect a wide audience with indie comics.

In keeping with the Bmore Into Comics tradition, the show duration will feature various events such as a vending market, panel talks, and a drink and draw.



  • On August 23, 2018

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