Volume 2 Artist Talk

Volume 2 Artist Talk

Friday July 13



Tectonic Space is excited to announce the upcoming Volume 2: The Anniversary Show artist talk on Friday July 13th from 6pm-8pm. The talk will feature Kyle Yearwood and Jabari Weathers, two of the artists featured in Volume 2. The artists will speak about their work on view as well as discuss current and future projects. The talks will be in the form of an intimate walking tour of the gallery, allowing visitors an excellent chance to ask questions and hear the stories behind the artwork on display.

Kyle Yearwood is an award winning and national exhibiting Baltimore based visual artist and filmmaker. Working mainly with animation and photo composite images, Yearwood transforms photographs and live action film into surrealistic, afrofuturistic, magical, and ethereal works of art. You can see his work published in such outlets as Afropunk, Complex, The Baltimore Sun, and Essence. In addition, Kyle Yearwood’s work is currently on display at Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco.

Jabari Weathers is a Baltimore based science fiction and fantasy illustrator. Their work, a beautifully detailed mix of the bizarre, magical, and at times macabre, has been exhibited nationally as well as commissioned by John Wick Presents and Magpie Games. Weather’s most recent endeavor has been launching Lunar Veil, an entity created to publish evocative analog storytelling games. Its first release, A Dire Situation, is expected to be completed next year.



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