Artist Interview: Sandy Tang/ The Seventh Station

Sandy Tang/ The Seventh Station

Markham, ON

Could you tell us a little about the artwork that you create?

My artwork involves various styles with illustrations reflecting the moods of the style and subject. My fanart often revolves around the games I play, or the shows or movies I watch. Sometimes, I draw simple, cutesy illustrations in my leisure that eventually become sticker designs. Other times, I’ll have finished watching a series or playing a game, and I’ll have enjoyed it enough to want to create fanart content for it. At the moment, my art is mostly guided by what I’m feeling at that time. I would say my best designs come from these “in the moment” ideas where I’ll have an image of what I want, and it stays in my head until I can get it down onto paper or a tablet. There obviously needs to be some fine tuning but it really gets a piece started.


What is the story behind “Protector”?

“Protector” detail

“Protector” works to highlight the character of Princess Mononoke. Similar to many of the other characters designed by Hayao Miyazaki, she designed as a strong female character. Being strong does not necessarily mean physically strong, but she carries her own identity, and exists as who she is because that is who she chooses to be. Additionally, not only is she a warrior, or a defender of the forest, or even as a being which lingers between human and spirit, she is loyal and will do anything to protect her natural family and her forest. In my piece, I’ve decided to portray Princess Mononoke during her nightly patrols to keep the peace within the forest.


What is your preferred medium? What draws you to it?

It was only within the last two years that I really got into digital art. I’m currently working on a Cintiq 22HD and I must say, it’s one of the best things I own. It allows me to draw directly on the surface unlike other tablets where there is no display for the pen besides your computer screen. When Inktober rolls around, I’ll pull out my ink pens and copic markers to work on some hand drawing. Unforturnately, I haven’t been drawing in a physical sketchbook much recently since there’s always an easy temptation to just open Photoshop and do my sketches on a new layer. Digital media allows for much more freedom in trial and error when it comes to making mistakes since Ctrl + Z is just a click away.


What are some of your current and future projects?

I’m currently working on some commission work and preparing for Graphic-Con, a convention in Sudbury, Ontario in which I’ll be selling at this year! It’ll be my second year back and I’m very excited. I’m constantly working on my drawing ability by doing studies and developing my style. I’m a one-(wo)man team that’s working on the development of my illustration freelance, The Seventh Station, which means I almost always have work waiting for me.


What helped you get in to drawing fanart?

It’s often times just what’s interesting to me at the moment. I very rarely will dive into drawing something popular without checking it out first, however what’s popular isn’t necessarily what I’m interested in at the time so it’s really a gamble for me. I had an art teacher once tell me, if you aren’t passionate about it, you aren’t going to be good at it. I find that often applies to my art, you can’t really force passion, but you can keep working on it until you find something that inspires you.


Do you feel welcome in the fantasy communities you may frequent?

I don’t usually get too into these communities very often. I may find 1 or 2 friends that also enjoyed that show or game and talk to them about it. I find a lot of fandoms rather overwhelming over time. For many of them, it becomes an obsession whereas for me it’s just something I’ve experienced and enjoyed. Even if I start out obsessed with a game or series, it does eventually die down, but over saturation of content can definitely be too much at times. However, I would like to note that I do appreciate the time and effort artists and writers and other content creators put into making fan content for the fandom out of their own passion with no reward besides sharing their joy with others.


Of the fan art you draw, which fandom influences your style the most?

I think the style depends on what I’m trying to portray from a certain piece. Fandoms rarely influence the illustrations I create. There may be a piece or two in a fandom that I really like the style of, but it’s often due that that artist’s specific style that inspires me more.

For more of Sandy’s work and to keep updated on new projects, follow @the.seventh.station.



  • On May 13, 2018

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