On View: “We Interrupt This Program…”


Currently On View: “We Interrupt This Program…”, and art show aimed at disrupting the strait male gaze in sci-fi/fantasy.


“We Interrupt This Program…” features two dozen local, national, and international artists. The work is a mix of traditional and digital media, exploring the depth of possibilities when gender roles are subverted, when powerful women are represented, and when our expectations of characters are interrupted.

Featuring Art By: Ky Vassor, Britt Law, Cait May, Sean Cabrera, Kymberli Janine, Sam Inverts, Stephanie Smith, The Seventh Station, Ian Moore, Ben Griffin, Mollie Komins, Ejiwa Ebenebe, Devon Bragg, Sydney Long, Kristina Carroll, Alix Branwyn, Jabari Weathers, Jonathan Epsilon, Losgee, and Arielle Daughma.

In Laura Mulvey’s 1975 essay Visual and Other Pleasures, the concept of the male gaze in cinema is outlined as a visual narrative controlled by an active male character and a passive female character. Simply put, the story is told, and viewed by the audience, through the eyes of a heterosexual male. Consequently, the story depicts the female character in “their traditional exhibitionist role” and are “looked at and displayed”.

Despite depicting imaginary worlds where anything is possible, all too often sci-fi and fantasy artistic mediums fall victim to the male gaze, objectifying women, underutilizing depth of character development, or failing to cast women as well as others in the LGBTQA community in central roles. We Interrupt this Program.. Is an art show aimed to disrupt the male gaze in sci-fi and fantasy mediums. The show will open to the public on April 7, 2018, and be on view until May 27, 2018.



  • On April 24, 2018