“The Fated Year” by Jabari Weathers Opening Reception


The Fated Year: A Solo Exhibition

by Jabari Weathers

Opening Reception: Saturday March 3



Tectonic Space is proud to announce the opening of “The Fated Year” by Jabari Weathers on Saturday March 3 at 7pm.

The Fated Year features one hundred and sixty four original gouache and pen illustrations. Produced over the last year for Magpie Games’ Bluebeard’s Bride, a new table top RPG game, and John Wick Presents’ 7th Sea’s Sort Sorte deck, the works are a beautifully rendered mix of horror and myth. The show will be on view at Tectonic Space from March 3- March 31, 2018. 

Jabari Weathers is a Baltimore based illustrator who plumbs the depths of the surreal and fantastic for their visual stories. Their time spent at MICA led them to a love of the traditional mediums of gouache, watercolor and ink for their art and illustration practice. Most of their professional contributions are illustrations for pen and paper roleplaying games, a medium that they hope is seen as an artful and powerful means of sharing stories.



  • On February 28, 2018

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