Bryan Robinson Artist Talk


Bryan Robinson Artist Talk

Saturday February 10



Join us for an artist talk with Bryan Robinson, artist behind “The Genius Under My Bed”, currently on view at Tectonic Space.

Artist talks are the perfect opportunity to find out the stories behind the art. Listen to Bryan speak about his work, his inspirations, and upcoming projects.The talk will end with a question and answer period.

The Genius Under My Bed embodies the hiccups of the creative mind. The show reflects not only the genius of expression but also how that genius can be hidden, allowed to expire, and placed under the bed of life. Says Robinson, “Our experiences mold us into who we are today. Often hearing the phrases ‘I use to do that but…I’ve always wanted to….’ , inspired the creation of this show. No matter if you are young or old, we can either live in what we love or live avoiding the boogieman of deferred dreams.” The show consists of paintings, animation, and installation.



  • On February 02, 2018

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