What May Be Opening Reception

What May Be Opening Reception

Saturday November 4


Join us for the opening of “What May Be” on Saturday November 4 from 7pm-10pm.
One of the most powerful elements of science fiction and fantasy mediums is their ability to depict worlds that challenge our views and what we are familiar with. They can depict worlds not bound to our norms or expectations. These genres can offer warnings or promises, predicting possible darker or brighter futures, and imagine the societal, environmental, and political impacts of our current actions.

Featuring work by:
Juliannah Harrison
Cait May
Jonathan Powell
Icky H. with Smooth and DJ Tony Drake
Jim Doran
Theodore Taylor III
Megan Ai-Vi Le
Aral Olgun
Stephanie Smith
Patrick O’Brien
Kenneth C. Clemons
Michael S. Wiggs
Chad Petitt
Mitchell Noah
Art of Val
Sebastian Sears
McKinzie Lefstein
Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
Jasmine Manning
Jabari Weathers
Bryan Robinson
Devon Carey
Chinen Aimi Bouillon
Benjamin Jancewicz



  • On October 27, 2017

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